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Jenny, Threepenny Opera, Photo: Davidoff Studio

Threepenny Opera, Jenny

(nominated for Carbonell Award, Best Actress in  a Musical)

The major roles were beautifully sung with the exception of Adria Firestone, whose role was magnificently sung. The theater could have caught fire during one of Ms. Firestone’s numbers and no one would have moved.
Sun, USA March ’83

Firestone lights up the stage when she makes an appearance, smoldering with equal parts of sexuality and menace.
Boca News, USA March ’83

Vive Toulouse-Lautrec, La Perichole,  Opera Omaha

Julie, Showboat, HGO Photo: Jim Caldwell '89

In a lighthearted tribute to the musical theater of France,. . .Adria Firestone brought energy and a sense of theatricality to the central character, elevating the entire work. Omaha World Herald, ’93

Showboat, Julie

Much of the GCO production’s appeal shows up in the second act. it isn’t they are that Adria Firestone as Julie delivers a lovely restrained vocal treatment of the torch song Bill and finally sets the show’s dramatic tone and a subtle mimed farewell to her protégé.– Ft. Lauderdale News, USA Nov ’93

Aldonza, Man of La Mancha

Aldonza, Man of La Mancha

Man of La Mancha, Aldonza

(Won Carbonell award for Best Actress in a Musical)

She is a truly rare performer, a singer who acts and an actress who moves. Her voice treads the treacherous path between opera and musical comedy triumphantly. Her glorious voice never overpowers the score and every lyric can be heard. This is a no tricks, no ego and very classy performance.
The Irvine World News, USA June ’83

West Side Story, Anita

Her skills as an actress are formidable. Her voice has been aptly described as a “smokey mezzo”. The old adage, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” takes on new meaning in a performance by Firestone.
State News, USA April ’86

Die Fledermaus, Prince Orlovsky

Prince Orlovsky, meanwhile, was absolutely wonderful. This role, written for mezzo soprano is usually unsuccessful. Taken by Adria Firestone it was marvelous. Ms. Firestone always  sounds grand with her rich, expressive voice, but more than that, her Prince is eccentric, worldly wise, very Russian and very funny. Further, she moved with truly masculine movements. – Palm Beach Daily News, March ’87

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