FAQs About Career Coaching

What can career coaching do for me?

Career guidance coaching combines consultation with an expert who has experience in your field, helps you evaluate yourself honestly, develops your strengths, hones your professional package, and put your best self forward.

Career coaching stresses the importance of marketing and personal branding based on your unique package.

Most importantly, coaching will clarify your goals and help you move step by step, toward realizing your vision.

Career coaching is a great help when moving into different repertoire, a new image or a new life – transitions aren’t easy, but they are a lot more comfortable with an experienced coach by your side.

How does coaching take place?

Coaching  is usually done over the telephone, one-on-one, or in group sessions.  I use Skype for online virtual real time sessions in the comfort of your own home or office, no matter where you are in the world. In person appointments are also available. All of these formats make coaching convenient and very cost effective for both the coach and the client.

How long must I commit when I work with a coach?

You can work on a specific project with a coach or tailor sessions to achieve a specific goal. Usually a 90 day minimum is required, but coaching can be stopped immediately if the partnership is not working for you.

What about coaching fees?

Coaching fees are discussed in your first complementary session once I find out what kind of a program you are interested in and the length of time we will work. If the coaching relationship is not satisfactory, all monies will be refunded to you except for a setup fee explained in my fee schedule. It is my goal to enable enormous progress for you.

A coach helps you to accept the responsibility for creating your life as is is now and uses what you want as a blueprint to design a strategy to realize your vision or goals.

Try it out. Call me at 877 500-5717. I  offer prospective clients a free coaching session.

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