Control Stage Fright

Do You Leave Your Best Performance in the Studio?

Experience a practical system for alleviating stage fright. The ZEBRA™ system increases relaxation & lowers anxiety. My system will help you:

  • Z – Create an internal ‘Zen’ studio guided by personal excellence, not perfection.
  • E – Eliminate the negative script running in your head.
  • B – Be prepared, learn the art and science of organized preparation.
  • R – Discover which relaxation methods work for you.
  • A –Act as if,” harness mental discipline and toughness.

Don’t waste another minute allowing this debilitating condition to stand in the way of your success. For Universities I have special seminars and workshops available. Download a pdf for more information.

After ‘bombing’ — or least experiencing no joy whatsoever during performance, I set out to find a performance coach online.  I was desperate to find out why I was sabotaging myself, where the fear came from, and how I could overcome it and even if I could! . . .In three sessions, I got what I came for and proved it to myself with a joy filled, fearless performance in front of thousands of people!  Adria’s instincts, listening skills, generosity of spirit and sheer practical advice are priceless.  If you are reading this, chances are you’re looking for some kind of validation that you’ve come to the right place.  Take it from this former knotted up performer, you have! -Rosemary Watson, voice over artist

Coach with me from the comfort of your own home or office – no traffic, no commute and custom sessions to suit your busy schedule. I work with my USA and international clientele using Skype real time video. We create our own stress-free time zone!

Call or email NOW for an obligation free chat.

Phone (USA) toll free: 877 500 5717

International callers: +1 862 397 3254

Email: adria[at]

Wow!  I honestly feel that I have gained so much more confidence and passion for performance.  It makes me feel really good to accept the fact that I may mess up sometimes and I can use those mishaps to make my performance stronger. – Tonya Rue

I learned very valuable lessons about dealing with my fears and imperfections that make us all very unique.  I am now fully equipped with the tools to succeed.- A. Lutta

Adria Firestone has the power to change LIVES dramatically.  She breaks down walls that can’t be broken down in a vocal studio. -Victoria Wefer

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