John Raitt and Adria, Man of La Mancha

Adria speaks at events and gives seminars and master classes at universities and schools  throughout the U.S., in Beijing, Shanghai as well as, Hong Kong, Australia and the Middle East.

She works with international charities, companies, arts organizations, and private clientele. She designs her programs to suit her clients’ needs.

Adria, this seminar (The Way of Excellence) is just great, beautifully explained, logical, engaging and inspirational.  Really quite wonderful and very funny.  Perfectly nuanced.  A great package.  Glove fit for students, for anyone really. . .
Michael Hirsh, NY Director/Actor/Composer

Adria’s rich life experience will help many people a great deal, particularly giving them the ability to put it all in perspective.
– Roland Peelman, Conductor, Sydney Australia

Because of you I discovered the excitement of cold readings. You made me realize that I might try a career in voice work, books on tape, etc.! – E. Martinez

Coaching with Adria has helped me immeasurably in clarifying and identifying my goals and priorities. Adria has an exceptional ability to hear to what you are saying about things you think you should think or want.  She has great listening and observational skills that cut through the surface noise of our lives.  She asks key, subtle and gently probing questions that help you to identify for yourself what it is you truly feel at a much deeper soul level.  I remember the amazement and lightness I felt when I realized I really wanted something different than what I’d been telling myself and everyone else.

Acknowledging what I really wanted helped me land a key interview with a world renowned ecologist only 10 days later for airing on my new radio show.  Thanks Adria for your keen ears and your exceptional skill set.
– Diane de Zylva, Voice Actor, www.bluegumstudios.com, Sydney, Australia

I am speechless!  I’ve often felt as if I’m living someone else’s life.  Today, after this seminar, I truly realize that it is my life and I have nothing to regret.  Your personal life examples are great inspiration, and I want to hear more, much more.
– Natalya Brook, ASCAP

I do not know quite how to express the remarkable impact you have made on the students during your visit here.  All of us enjoyed the total honesty you displayed during your master class presentations.  Students were honored that you spoke candidly and lovingly embraced them, not speaking down to them or negatively criticizing them.  We were inspired by your enthusiasm for living, by your musical insights, by your wisdom, by your willingness to share and your thirst for knowledge.  We all enthusiastically anticipate your next visit.
– Donald Hartmann, DMA Professor of Music, Eastern Michigan University

You are truly heaven sent.  You know I wasn’t feeling 100% last week and had a gig in New York after our session.  Well, I felt a difference in my entire approach.  I was conscious of my breathing and my core.  I checked in with myself to make sure my knees were locking up.  It was fantastic.  Even though I didn’t feel that well, I worked through it and got some of the best live sound I’ve ever gotten from myself.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help with everything!
– Cole Williams, NY Singer & Composer

Your class was wonderful, as was the recital.  I think the most exciting thing is that the kids were talking so much about why they sing and what is important about singing for folks.  They were really jazzed by your performance and by your discussion in the master class.
– Susan Dunn, Voice Faculty, Duke University

Thank you for the marvelous contributions you made to welfare of our singers.  Your master class here was one of the most successful experiences we have had.  Your work was first rate with insightful, affirming commentary.  It was also useful and revealing to have you demonstrate in a professional performance, what you had been advocating in the master class.
– William A. Wyman, DMA, Professor of Voice, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Ha!! This goes beyond help — it’s been a complete awakening. Thanks for LOTS of help, including the self esteem to apply all of it.
– J. Belgard, Singapore

One class with Adria Firestone is worth an entire semester with another professor. You don’t teach the way other professors do. Their book smarts are nothing compared to your brilliant, colorful and touching life experiences. You want your students to find answers within themselves as opposed to finding answers in books.

You throw your heart out into the universe when you teach, and it inspires students to do better and to really work. You made me want to not only make you pleased with my work, but I wanted to be proud as well. You also communicate so intimately that it’s impossible not to listen to you when you speak. I didn’t care what was going on when I was in your classes.
– Gregory McDonald, Alumnus, New Jersey City University

Do you want to be confident in how you present yourself, be assured that you are communicating well, and use your talents to the fullest?  Do you want to learn to love yourself more and present yourself in a positive manner? Adria Firestone is a person who knows how to comunicate that knowledge to you. Enthusiasm is not taught, it is caught, and from Adria you will catch it in a joyful way!

It has been my pleasure to serve as an accompanist for Adria for over twenty years! I have heard her share her vocal talent as well as inspire others with her skills as an educator and motivational speaker. You will love Adria and may never be the same again!
– Dr Jack W. Jones ( Julliard School), Director of Music, The Royal Poinciana Chapel, Palm Beach; Founder, The Masterworks Chorus of the Palm Beaches.

I must tell you that you were a total success. Our students were inspired and enlightened by your wealth of knowledge. It is not often that we have the pleasure of having someone of your talent and ability on campus to speak with our performance majors. I, personally, saw the difference in my own voice studio as my students began to practice more and became more intense with their vocal studies. This is why we would like to extend you another invitation to be with us for several days of teaching singing and acting.
– Michael Rorex, Professor of Voice, Northwestern University

Your suggestions have already enabled me to feel more connected to the music I am singing. I feel free to be myself within the music. I wish I had more time to be able to work with you, and to hear the wonderful ideas you are able to share.
– Andrew R Spady, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Partial Client List

  • Duke University
  • Meet the Artist at Lincoln Center
  • National University of Singapore Society
  • Dubai English Speaking School
  • Northwestern University
  • New Jersey City University
  • L’Opera de Montreal, Canada
  • Tung Wah Charity, Hong Kong
  • Dante Alighieri Society
  • Rotary International
  • San Diego Opera Spotlight
  • National Federation of Music Clubs
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Teatro de Bellas Artes, Mexico

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